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April 22nd, 2013 at 9:11:16 PM permalink
After my last thread, members here informed me of the new Bonus Tier Points Caesars now offers. Went to California this weekend to see family and convinced my wife on the way home (Sunay) to go 45 minutes out of our way to Laughlin and try to earn some Tier Credits (terrible choice). We played between 4:30pm and 7:15pm. I played Super X Pay JoB or DDB 5 play or 10 play $0.25. I thought, just maybe with some luck, I could reach the 2500 Tier Credits. After 3 hours of play and a loss of almost $2,000 (best hand paid $200, no dealt 4oaks or multiplier wins to write about, oh and no Royal) I had earned, wait for it, wait for it .....1280 (approximately) tier credits. I tried figuring the math, of how much value I received for my play, but then realized that if I figured it out, I would probably feel worse. I ask the Rewards Club when my bonus 1,000 tier credits would be added, giving me 4006 Tier Credits (Platinum Status), he stated "at 6:00am on Monday morning." As of this posting, at 9:07pm PST, no bonus tier credits. I was in Laughlin last weekend and though I played there most of the weekend, I never received any bonus credits for my play during that period either. Anyone know when these bonus credits should be awarded?

Thanks for any comments in advance.
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April 22nd, 2013 at 9:17:06 PM permalink
The status on the web is somewhat behind the status at the casino, I think. So if you don't see the credits at TR, you might seem them there tomorrow once the Web site updates.
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For this weekend, I wouldn't expect the Bonus Tier credits to be there just yet. For last weekend in Laughlin (any day over 500 Tier gets you a bonus), they should already be there. And FYI, 5000 Tier is Platinum now.

And running at ~83% return isn't unheard of at STP unfortunately, especially if you were playing a lot of DDB.

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