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Quote: redietz


Could you expand on what is open when in the Orleans in terms of restaurants, sports books, coffee shop and so on?

The Orleans was one of my staple hangouts pre-covid. I probably stay there a dozen nights a year, but not in 2020. Last time I was there was during the locust-fest invasion.

I love the Orleans bar behind the sports book. Had an interesting experience maybe three years ago riding the elevator at 6 AM with a couple of working girls. Probably too R-rated for this post.

Well don't quote me on this(since I was there in last month and things could have change) but I do believe the sports book was open. I know fridays, fuudrukers and sabaro was open and maybe like one bar area was open, but you couldn't sit at it. I think the century theater was open? I know I saw it when I went up stairs to check out the arcade, I thought it was open anyway. I was only there for 2 days in DEC as I was only going down there to see a friend for his birthday. I chose to go to the casino because I saw it as an opportunity to check it out since it was close, I just walked around to get a look at the place and played some craps and roulette.

Place looks great inside, I don't know why I didn't realize its supposed to be like new orleans so it has a mardi gras theme. Really sorry I couldn't be of much help tho. If I go to vegas again soon I will stay there, pretty sweet spot. I've only ever stayed at south point, paris and Mandalay Bay Hotel(when I used to go to a fighting game tournament called evolution since you get a discount) but I'm willing to add orleans to the list.

Oh one thing you can probably help me with, I always try to notice is how the cocktail waitresses uniforms look, they had on some referee uniforms on, suffice to say that was disappointed given the theme of the place. Do they look different than that normally? I know most casinos they can usually wear them during times when sports are playing locally.

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