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I stayed here for two nights, after United bumped me from a flight out of LAS (hellish story that I won't bore you with). I checked my laptop at the airport, and found a two nights free+$10 dining credit offer on my BConnected card. I booked it for that night (it was 6 PM), and got on the 108 bus to the westbound Tropicana bus and was there in 20 minutes.

The place was PACKED. There were something like four basketball tournaments going on at once, so there were a lot of players and cheerleaders with funny names emblazoned on their clothes like "Wolfpack," "Vandals," "Rainbow Wahine," etc. Now that I think about it, the Orleans has always been crowded when I've been there.

Check in was a breeze, and they put me on the third floor near the elevator. The hotel is huge, so you could have a long walk to your room. Pool was closed. The rooms are fine; big, with a couch and table, although very tackily decorated. I agree with the Wizard's reviewer that the TV selection was poor, and they did not have a flat screen. There was a coffee maker. The bedding package was perhaps the BEST I've experienced in any Vegas hotel.

I used my $10 dining credit for a bowl of Saimin noodle soup at the Courtyard Cafe. Saimin might be my new favorite food: noodles, char siu pork, shrimp, fish cake, in a chicken broth. You can also get it fried. Soo good. Price came in at exactly $10.00 + tax.

Wireless internet at Java Vegas (formerly Seattle's Best, now using Starbuck's coffee) is available, although it can be hard to find a table. I camped out for about four hours doing some work (and dicking around on the Internet). Coffee is $2.00 a cup, and you don't get a discount for using your Boyd points there (nor do you at the gift shop).

My other meals I took at the Buffet and T.G.I. Fridays. Prices are $5/$6/$10 if you have the second highest level of card. (I do). Plus, you get a 40% discount for paying with points, so the net cost is next to nothing. The breakfast buffet was very uneven; they had made to order omelets that were great with high-end items like spinach and shrimp, but the other hot items were terrible. They had a bunch of really crappy donuts and danishes, but excellent red grapefruit. I would say it balances out to a just about average buffet. For the price, you can't beat it. Lunch is better.

At Fridays, I got an 8 oz. Jack Daniels steak with vegetables and cole slaw. It was good, if a little small. I got the sauce on the side, and the steak was better for it. I ended up pouring the sauce on the vegetables, which needed it. (They were rather bland). Cost came to $15, and I used a $5 off coupon from the Coast Connection newspaper insert, so the net cost was $6. (I again paid with points).

I don't like the casino at Orleans. Something about the clientele, dealers and staff just puts me off. It's hard to put my finger on it. I guess I don't like the "good-timey," Carnival atmosphere. I would prefer to get down with the Asian degenerates at Gold Coast. I did witness an almost-fight between some female Gonzaga and St. Mary's basketball fans. C'mon people, it's just a game!

I played blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em, and Deuces Wild video poker on the machines by the buffet. I couldn't hit anything, although I did get quads on UTH (but when I didn't have a Trips bet up). Blackjack was pretty good with some fun players. Deuces Wild was the usual loss (hit no deuces).

I don't think I would return to the Orleans. While it's very nice, it's just not for me. Middle-of-the-road doesn't do it for me; I either want to be in the most opulent resort in the Strip or dingy old downtown. But that's not to say a person would have a bad time there.
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Quote: teddys

I don't like the casino at Orleans. Something about the clientele, dealers and staff just puts me off. .

Orleans is a locals hangout, thats why. Like Sam's Town.
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So it was really some very resilient "slumming" that you were doing courtesy of Airline delays. Sounds like you were quick and efficient in discovering the various benefits offered, such as wifi access.
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March 9th, 2012 at 4:33:26 PM permalink
Were you delayed two nights, or just decided to make it two? The bump should have been worth some RFB courtesy of United. Did they pick-up anything?
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On first read, I thought you ordered an 8oz Jack Daniels- Right On, Brother.
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I like to stay at the Orleans, as I like the gambling there, and like the fake-irish pub for some low-key drinking. And I like the 8/5 Bonus Poker at the bars while drinking Fat Tire, plus an easy cab ride to most of the strip (or the courtesy shuttle there, and a cab ride back in most cases).

It's very middle of the road. I suspect that's why I like it... suits my budget and needs for somewhere to stay.
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May 11th, 2012 at 8:36:56 AM permalink
My wife and I stayed at the Orleans a dozen times back in 2004 - 2007. The rooms were equal to many of the Strip properties, however the room rates were great ..... some of the best in LV. I did well there with VP, especially the dueces wild. Hit 4 dueces 3 times. Blackjack was mediocre with double deck, 3:2 but average pen.
We stopped going to LV for a short time and when we started again we stayed downtown where we found the best gambling.

We finally revisited the Orleans in July 2011 and asked for one of the rennovated rooms. We got one but it was filthy. Carpet was the dirtiest I seen in 47 years of staying in LV. Bathroom was not bad but certainly nothing to brag about. We checked in late and when I went to the desk to complain about it, they were nice but couldn't move us until the next AM. The nest morning we were moved to another newly rennovated room and close to the elevators. It was better but still one of the dirtiest carpets we've ever had at the Orleans. I spoke with a manager about it as we had always recommended the Orleans to friends. He comped us a couple of nights but free rooms doesn't do it for me. We won't be returning to the Orleans.
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Quote: duffytootx

He comped us a couple of nights but free rooms doesn't do it for me. We won't be returning to the Orleans.

Many people have priorities that a comp simply can't cure. Particularly a dirty carpet... be it stains or simply no one dragged a vacuum cleaner of it with any enthusiasm can be a death knell.

Large, bright, airy, ... but above all else: CLEAN rooms.
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I know this is a dead thread, but wanted to add my 2 cents since I've stayed at the Orleans a few times recently. I generally like the Orleans. Comped rooms are easy to get for low rollers, and they waive the resort fee. The poker room is big and well run, with friendly staff. I played there once for 3 days and by the second day, several of the floormen/women knew me by name before I presented my card. They also let me cash out on a "play x hours and get $$ promotion" where I was leaving town well before the end of the promotion. If you like to play Omaha/8, it's basically the only place to go. They also run a few mixed games tournaments, which you're unlikely to see elsewhere. For low rollers, $5 craps (3/4/5x), 25c NSUD, $10 PGP and $5 3-2 BJ with a low HE (0.4% or so) are very appealing. There's a shuttle to the strip. The rooms are big, but very, very dated. Buffet is adequate for the price.
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I've a friend from NY who stays there a few times a year and swears by it. He practically lives at OTBs here, but mostly plays craps at Orleans. He says its the best thing since sliced beer.
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