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Quote: slyther

I requested the cashout on Friday. They said they cannot mail a check to Washington State so I had to give them an out of state address.

Yep, same here.

Also, I had to tell them that I had a bet pending, I have a feeling if I hadn't pressed the issue, I would have only been paid for my account balance and that bet would have gone into the void (aka their bank account). But, once I pointed it out, they canceled the bet and returned the original bet amount to my balance, and then processed the payout. I had to convince a high school friend from out of state that I'm not using him to launder money...
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It's not the online casinos' fault. It's the feds and the state legislatures.

If it wasn't for them trying to suppress online gambling (until they get their appropriate cut of the action, of course) there'd be no reason for him to be cashing out in the first place.

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