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September 27th, 2023 at 2:35:45 AM permalink
from the articles:

"Tens of thousands of Las Vegas hospitality workers fighting for new union contracts voted Tuesday to authorize a strike that could impact more than three dozen casinos and hotels, the city's economic backbone."

"Hospitality workers in Las Vegas have voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike against major resorts along the Strip, a critical step toward a walkout as the economically challenged city prepares for major sporting events in the months ahead.

Although a vote is a forceful step, it does not guarantee that workers will strike before hashing out a new contract deal with the major resorts. Contracts for roughly 40,000 housekeepers, bartenders, cooks and food servers at MGM Resorts International, Caesars Entertainment and Wynn Resorts expired on Sept. 15, after being extended from a June deadline. Other workers remain on extended contracts that can be terminated at any time."

apparently casino dealers and Managers and other casino personnel are not part of the vote to strike - but of course would be affected by it

I'm betting that a strike does not actually happen - that there will be some resolution


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Not a ton special about a strike vote during negotiations. It is a tool to let union leaders know the mood of the rank and file.
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When i started to read your statement i thought if MGM is part of this … and they just so happened to get hacked and what not…

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