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April 5th, 2016 at 9:49:12 PM permalink
There are already at least four forum threads related to the WoV 2016 Spring Fling:

(1) The original poll for "When?". (This is no longer an active thread, since we decided on Saturday 4/16/16 for the main event.)

(2) The follow-up poll for "Where? and What?"

(3) DJTeddyBear's thread for a "Sunday Agenda."

(4) Discussion of the "Nugget Challenge" to be attempted by that wild and crazy guy, PokerGrinder himself.

I am starting one more thread here in an attempt to tie some of this stuff together. Of first importance, I think that there is some value in knowing (roughly) how many people we should expect to have show up at the various sub-events. By now, most of the out-of-towners should have their plans fairly well established, and even the locals might know how big the entourage might be this year.

Knowing who will be there might help us find each other -- we had a little problem with that on Friday night last year when our group headed out to an alternate spot, not knowing we had left some folks behind and didn't find them until hours later.

If you will please post in this thread saying which of the following events you expect to be present for and the number of non-member guests you expect to have with you, I will periodically post a compiled attendees list. (Don't think I can keep it up to date in post #1 under current forum rules against revising past posts.)

Event #1: Friday Evening preliminary event, 4/15/16.
Typically a smaller group, typically starting at Main Street Station, sometimes dining at the buffet, sometimes in the 777, but sometimes venturing elsewhere. Last year we had dinner at the Triple George. We typically have some group gaming after dinner wherever we decide upon at the time. There has already been some discussion about what time people might be able to gather that evening, but I haven't dug through the threads for the details. I think a gathering at 5 at MSS was suggested, but I think we're still open for input on that. If you don't post your intention to join in, you might get left behind if we move on.

Event #2: Saturday Evening Main Event, 4/16/16.
The location is set as the 777 Brew Pub at Main Street Station. In this post, the Wizard repeated his preference "that we set 5:00 as the trickle-in time and 6:00 as the target to start ordering food" and offered to make a reservation for that time. Having an attendee list/count should help on that.

Following dinner, we will almost certainly participate in some group gaming. There has already been some discussion of game preferences, with craps and poker commanding the highest number of mentions. At last check, those two games were in as exact a tie as UNC and Villanova were with five seconds left in the game. There has been brief discussion of having a pre-dinner gaming session, perhaps starting around 3:00 p.m. (?) I mentioned this possibility once (or twice) as a way to allow one session of poker and one of craps without having to split the group apart completely.

I don't think anything has really been decided about Main Event gaming (other than trivia), so this is one more opportunity for you to give your input.

Event #3: DJTB's Sunday Tour of Downtown, 4/17/16.
He is still discussing that agenda in his thread, so I don't want to step on any toes. If I pick up attendee details either in this thread or in his, I will attempt to include that in my compiled list.

Event #4: The Nugget Challenge, 4/18/16.
To be held at The D on Fremont Street. Last I heard, the start time was set in this post for noon on Monday. Please let me know if that is not current information.

So what info am I looking to collect here? I give an example with my own input.

Quote: Doc

Event #1 (Friday): One member and one guest (wife). Possibly 2 additional guests, but I won't know until I am in Las Vegas and have a chance to ask them about their schedules.

Event #2 (Saturday): One member and one guest. One for craps either before or after dinner; possibly poker (low limit) for one of those session times.

Event #3 (Sunday): Certainly not for the entire schedule, but I might join for some portion.

Event #4 (Monday): Still indefinite; we'll be driving to Laughlin and haven't figured our schedule in detail.

What say ye all?

Note: If you are one of those "incognito" or "flying under the radar" folks and don't want to make a public announcement of your plan to attend, you can P.M. me, and I will list you as a "mysterious guest", if that would meet your needs, since knowing that someone will be there would help with a reservation count. Thanks.
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April 5th, 2016 at 10:10:10 PM permalink
Thanks for taking the lead and organizing all this mess Doc. I will be attending all the festivities listed above. I should get into Vegas from Wendover, NV in time for the Friday start time.
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April 6th, 2016 at 5:55:09 AM permalink
Ditto. While I'll continue to lead the Sunday activities, thanks for taking charge of the rest of the weekend.

As I've mentioned, I'll be arriving Saturday around noon. I'll be departing Tuesday evening. I'm coming alone.

I REALLY hope we have some preliminary activity Saturday afternoon. If not gambling, may I suggest the following: It is my understanding that Main Street Station has a lot of interesting items to see, and the front desk even provides a map for a tour of the facility.

Regarding the problem of the group breaking up / changing plans mid-stream: During the day, post a simple, We're now leaving X heading to Y, or, Change of plans, we're heading to Z, etc.

I plan on doing that on Sunday as we leave each stop of the walking tour.

On that note, is there anyone planning on attending that doesn't have a smart phone? If so, send me a text message, and I'll keep you informed via text. My cell number is 973-896-7905. Note: I already have my phone number posted on my website, so I don't mind posting it here.

See ya in TEN days! Woo hoo!
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April 6th, 2016 at 7:28:59 AM permalink
Event #1 (Friday): TENTATIVE. If attended it would be myself, another member, and 1 non member. We have soft plans already for this night so this is why I'm tentative, pending the timeline. 5pm dinner and some gaming after could work as our plans would be later in the evening around 10-11pm. I'll have to confirm with them before confirming.

Event #2 (Saturday): All 3 of us will be in attendance for dinner and up for gaming after. Gaming before would be a game day decision I think.

Event #3 (Sunday): Prior plans prohibit us from partaking in the fun.

Event #4 (Monday): All 3 of us will be in attendance for PG's attempt at the Nugget Throne =P.
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April 6th, 2016 at 9:01:14 AM permalink
Event #1 (Friday): I am in for sure. Probably with 1 guest, who may or may not gamble with us.

Event #2 (Saturday): myself and one guest are in for all events (again, she may or may not actually gamble).

Event #3 (Sunday): I'm told that this is "too much walking." I'm hopeful to be able to meet up downtown at the end of the loop, but that's tentative at best.

Event #4 (Monday): The event happens as I'm flying out. I'll look for the video on youtube upon my return to the east coast.

I'd be happy to be a point of contact for anyone who is looking for the group on friday evening (or on saturday afternoon/evening). My contact info is in my profile.
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April 6th, 2016 at 9:28:50 AM permalink
Briefly priced out a last-minute flight, as my wife is going to a bridal shower out of town that weekend. Not gonna happen though. Have fun everyone!
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April 6th, 2016 at 9:59:39 AM permalink
OK, first round summary looks like this with updates to follow as others make their posts:

Doc + 1 (possibly 2 more)
Romes +2 (all tentative)
rdw4potus +1

Doc + 1
Romes +2
rdw4potus +1


Romes +2
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April 6th, 2016 at 5:05:50 PM permalink
Hi, you can put me down for Saturday.
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April 7th, 2016 at 2:42:15 PM permalink
No guest.

Event #1 (Friday): I should make it there at 5PM.

Event #2 (Saturday): Will be there.

Event #3 (Sunday): Still don't know yet. Will figure it out Saturday.

Event #4 (Monday): Seeing a live eating challenge for the 1st time? Hell yeah!
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April 7th, 2016 at 6:37:30 PM permalink
I intend to bring myself to the Friday, Saturday and Sunday events. I will not be able to attend the Monday event.

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