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Quote: DRich

Maybe MySpace will come back. It was the Facebook before Facebook.

I actually liked my space much better than Facebook because you could customize your page with music, art and various other things it was basically like having your own custom website linked to others. If I recall correctly, one goals of Myspace was getting others to add you as one of their top 10 friends. Once you ran out of your own top 10 you had to encourage others to add you as one of their top 10 friends even though they were not among your top 10 friends. Bring back Myspace in its original form.
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Friendster was where it's at.
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Quote: smoothgrh

I've been wishing for years that a competitor to FB would arise.

And it's not LinkedIn.

Any competitor that comes along that's worth a damn will just be bought by Facebook (see: Instagram).
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