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Quote: kewlj

Quote: Wizard

Part of the terms of the darkoz challenge was that I, as the witness, could report only that the terms of the challenge were met and could not specify any details on the play itself. A remark I made yesterday was allegedly in violation of said non-disclosure agreement. While admitting no guilt, I agreed to settle the complaint with the following actions:

  1. Wizard retracts the removed sentence.
  2. Immediate release of MDawg from WoV jail, which cut 11 days off a 14-day sentence.
  3. Wizard to serve a four-day suspension from Aug 26 to 29, for reason of violating confidentiality.
  4. Other than this statement, Wizard may not address this issue publicly, other than to refer to this agreement.
  5. Further discussion of MDawg's session I witnessed, should anyone wish to discuss it further, should be confined to the Adventures of MDawg thread.

Well, I object. The person in question was suspended for a violation against me. Now he has used a mistake made by you as leverage to bypass that penalty. How does that make me whole?

And on top of that, any discussion of the matter is supposed to take place in a thread I am restricted from.

I also have to object.

Wizard has now stated that nothing he witnessed was with any advantage.

Terms were he would not "specify any details on the play itself".

If Luck is a play then all gamblers are doing a "play"

In essence, the Wizard actually witnessed no "AP play" and therefore should have said so.

Without "a play" to witness there is no violation of exposing details of "the play" unless admitting you saw someone make -EV bets at Baccarat is now witness to a play!
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Again, discussion of this matter should be in the Adventures of Mdawg thread. To encourage that, I am closing this thread for a day or two. Violations after the reopening will be seen as hijacking.
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