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Quote: Wizard

Oh, you would not want to mess with me when it comes to Muppet trivia. I was born in 65 so was raised on Sesame Street, and then the Muppet Show came along when I was in high school. So I practically grew up with the Muppets. My favorite from Sesame Street: Ernie. My favorite from the Muppet Show: Dr. Bunson Honeydew (of course).

But do you remember the Muppets doing commercials for WILKIN's Coffee ?

Never mind That went of the air 4 years before you were born? Damn, being an old man is really starting to suck.
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Quote: RaleighCraps

I'm weighing in a little late, and after the decision, but I think the problem is not with the rules, but with the belief that there must be equal enforcement.

Yes, people may want him to split hairs with preciseness, but I'd say f*** it to that. Too time intensive and too much of a headache. Especially for all the bans that are short of eternal. Even if you think it's unfair, you'll still have a choice to return at some point.

OTOH, he could always offer to split a baby in half to settle disputes. (good enough for King Solomon, and he was suppose to be a wiseguy)
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Have no idea who Statler and Waldorf are, so I just read
4 pages of quotes from them. Its all Groucho Marx type
Vaudeville one liners.

Stat: You know, she makes me feel like a young boy.
Wald: She makes me feel like a young girl. I think I'll go find one.

Now Groucho:

"I could dance with you until the cows come home. On second
thought I'd rather dance with the cows until you come home."

Or Alan Alda on MASH. He unashamedly admits all his
one liners were inspired by his hero, Groucho.

Henry: Pierce, are you scared?
Hawkeye: Don't be silly. I'm too frightened to be scared.
"It's not enough to succeed, your friends must fail." Gore Vidal
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Quote: DJTeddyBear

I'm suddenly afraid to challenge the Wiz to any sort of trivia contest....unless it's the waitress who is answering the questions. I mean, really? He knew the names of those guys?

This would be a good question to lay odds on in waitress trivia. I would set a fair line on this at 30:1, depending on the age of the waitress. The Wizard always wants to do odds bets on waitress trivia, but I always stick to even money bets. Too complicated.
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