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Hi. Iím sure that this question has been asked before but maybe someone could save me the trouble of looking. Do online sites Fanduel and BetMGM talk to each other? I was just thinking about betting one side on one site and then the opposite on the other. Itís a loss on the vig, true, but each side is offering a large freebet signi up offer and I just want to make sure I can win that.

So will they talk about me to each other to keep my from doing that, or does either site care about me vis a vis the other? I know itís not an original trick but free money is free money. Is it just better to use the on-line one offset by a brick and mortar casino on the other?
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Have you read the fine print of the promos? Most require you to make many bets with the "free money before you can withdraw it.
Sports betting is new in Arizona and a friend thought that by making a $1 bet, some site was going to hand him $200. He now has $200 in credits but has to bet many times before he is eligible to withdraw anything.
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