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If you could post the rules or a link to them,I`m sure one of the math guys could help. I looked at this game several years ago but have forgotten the rules.
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It would be really interesting to get the odds for Rhum 32.

The rules as currently played are as follows:
Rules for Rhum 32 card game

Rhum 32 is a casino table game that has similarities with rummy and Blackjack. The aim of the game is to have a lower cumulative card value than the dealer. The dealer will "qualify" and pay both the ante and bet if and only if the player has a lower cumulative value in their five card hand and the dealer hand totals 32 or less.

The game goes like this, the dealer deals four cards to each player at the table including himself. His last card is dealt face up. After the player decides whether he will surrender his ante or bet (double his ante) the dealer deals another card to each player including himself.
The cards are then exposed and the bets paid according to a payout ratio that rewards lower hand values. The card values are Ace = 1, 2 - 10 = face value, and Jack, Queen and King = 10.
A hand value can be decreased if it has three or more suited running cards ex. 7, 8, 9 Spades or three or more of a kind. This is called a spread and the total value of the cards in a spread is zero. Hence a player can end up with a hand value of zero (Kind of like hitting a Royal Flush, Lucky Him/Her).
Rhum 32 is considered a community game like black jack and a player folding when he shouldn’t normally leaves some players aggravated especially when the dealers final card turns out to be low.

Pay Table:
0 Point 50-1
1-3 Points 20 to 1
4-7 Points 4-to 1
8-11 Points 3 to 1
12-17 Points 2 to 1
Over 17 Points 1 to 1
Insurance is $5.00 per hand.
Insurance pay table is:
0 Point $5000.00
1 to 3 Points $500.00
4-7 Points $250.00
8-11 Points $125.00
47 pays 2-1 with Insurance
48 pays 3-1 with Insurance
1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 suited pays $10,000.00 with Insurance.

A separate insurance payment of $10.00 pays $300 on a Tie.
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Is there a rule that hand with 47-48 points must consist of four ten-valued cards only? Hand like QJJT7 (offsuit)= 47 points. What about hand like QJT98 (offsuit)? In some rules I saw this warning but not sure about it.

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