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I’ll bite...

1) Research and more information never is a poor idea on any topic. I’d look in to people who view gambling as an entertainment source vs people whom want to gamble to make money. In our world, there are 2 people who try to make money from gambling... an AP (advantage player whom has a proven statistical advantage over the house on numerous games and promotions - this is me), and b) someone who has a non-math based theory of how to win. Most problem gamblers would fall in to the latter bucket in my opinion. Anyone whom takes the money seriously doesn’t actually gamble and takes the time to mathematically prove their edge. The 2nd group will gamble feverishly on hunches and non-math based theories and not for entertainment, thus why I think it would be a “problem” group. For example, this latter group is the type that would see 10 red numbers in roulette and bet on black because “it’s due” neverminding the fact that the law of independent trials says the odds on this spin are exactly the same as the past X spins and the future X spins.

2) I don’t think those terms are relaxant because they’re so interchanable in the gambling community that they hold very little weight. However you should include Advantage Player in that list. While my tax return might say “Professional Gambler” I take a personal responsibility to always say Advantage Player, because what I do is in fact not gambling, but a proven statistical advantage and I don’t want people to think I’m just another schmuck gambler throwing money away.

3) I think the social aspect of gambling is definitely a big part of gamblers enjoy it. Take a look around a craps table sometime. Half the fun is the comradely of the table to win and beat the house. Same at “most” blackjack tables, but I feel craps shows it the most. I’ve met so many different and interesting people over the years at different table games... from millionaires to professional athletes, their families, actors, etc, etc. Though, every person has something interesting about them if you take the time to ask. Meeting new people is definitely in the pros column for gambling.

4) In gambling? Well, the idea of winning “easy” money, because after all money won is much sweeter than money earned (though AP’s can do both). People also gamble because of the psychological dopamine dump casinos give players. Even on small wins you hear machines jingle and flash colorful lights, and these are all things that have been studied to trigger dopamine and saratonin rises in the brain, thus people think it’s fun. So “fun,” winning money, human interactions, and being treated “respectfully” (which most casinos try to do but definitely don’t always :p).

5) Make it known the results will be pooled and anamous. Reiterate that you are willing to pay for honest and unbiased feedback.

6) Probably not being compensated for their time. You’ll get feedback on gambling forums because of course we all enjoy discussing gambling related topics, but to non-bias your responses I’d presume you need results from the entirety of the general public. This will involve having people whom might not enjoy discussing gambling having to do so. Properly compensating people will incentivize them to partake and “hold up their end of the bargain” so to say.
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I'll just answer question 6:

"What do you think would discourage people from taking part?"

the beating a dead horse effect
there has been so much debate and discussion about the appropriateness of gambling that I just can't focus on it anymore

gambling undoubtedly hurts some people - as does alcohol and many other things

don't think the vast majority should have something they enjoy taken away from them because a very few destroy themselves with it

many people who speak against gambling would not like to have their Friday night beers with the guys taken away from them although many destroy themselves with alcohol
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Thank you to everyone who replied! We're using your responses to help gain funding for a grant in order to actually begin this research. We especially valued your responses that informed us on how to formulate our survey questions and would help encourage participation and honesty. If you wish to keep in touch or have any further questions please feel free to email us at fringsd @

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