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August 12th, 2020 at 7:46:58 AM permalink
Wizard August 12, 2020 7:20 am

Hi Marty,

Permission granted. Please say I approved it, so another mod doesn't give you a hard time.


---------- ORIGINAL MESSAGE ----------

Hey Michael,

You are already familiar with one of my patents, the one discussed on Matt Parker's YouTube video, starting at 13:20...
I call that first patent "mapping concurrent gaming". I also have a second patent called "TruePlace Bets" where free-odds bets are allowed to be made on a many-to-many basis, functioning as place bets that pay true odds.

I put in over 12 man-years just creating the demonstration software, and have been paying the patent fees on time. But I have not ever tried to apply them in the real world, for example, asking SGMS to implement any of the methods or games, or asking anyone to pay for infringements against our claims.

Still, I believe these 2 patents are valuable to the gaming industry, especially these days, where brick and mortar casinos are being replaced with electronic gaming. These are gaming METHOD patents, which I understand are very rare and difficult to obtain any more. They are very generalized and applicable to many gaming scenarios. The first patent basically grants creation of SIDE BETS in a generalized sense! It also allows cross-platform games like Roulette and Craps to be played concurrently, and this enables playing of dozens of unique games, including CRAPLESS-DON'T where crapless-craps is played, but including Don't-Pass and Don't-Come bets that lose upon come-out if a green is spun in the Roulette-wheel randomization input.

My two patents are about to expire unless I renew them, but I don't want to spend the money, about $5,000 for both of them, because I have become physically unable to work any more. I have a fully functional demonstration suite of 20 games that all can be played CONCURRENTLY from the cross-platform mappings, and these also demonstrate the TruePlace bets specified in the second patent. The entire demonstration system is Windows-10 compatible, and I have used it on several occasions to demonstrate the futility of trying to use strategies in craps, right here on WoV.

It would be a crying shame to just throw all of this work away, and not even try to get the game of Crapless-Don't to be played on automated Roultette systems.

I am offering my patents to anyone who wants to pay for their continued maintenance fees, with no strings attached to the good people here on WoV, out of respect for everyone here!! The first patent fee of $2200 has to be paid by 21-Aug, or it expires, and the dream dies along with it. The second needs to be paid by December. If anyone believes these patents have any value, they can take advantage of my failing health and keep the dream alive, and maybe make my methods and games a reality in real casinos.

If you don't want to post this, I completely understand, Michael, but I am not trying to profit from any of this, and perhaps someone here can take advantage of the broad claims these patents specify. I have not and will not Use WoV as a conduit to make direct contact with anyone regarding this, as it might be mistaken as a business proposal.

Thanks for your time.

Marty Wollner, 12-Aug-2020

Here is a link to an information page describing the two patents...
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I indeed authorized this. Hope you find someone to take this over. I have let a few patents die because nobody seemed interested in the concept except me.
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