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"Crapless-Don't" "Crapless-Don't" "Crapless-Don't" "Crapless-Don't"

This is another SpikerSystems video playlist, NOT FOR PROFIT, describing several games based upon Roulette wheel spins. Some are somewhat complex, and some are very simple.

In all cases the objective is the same as in the game of Craps; make a pass or come bet in order to earn the privilege of making additional bets at FREE ODDS (A.K.A. true odds). Because the TruePlace betting pool entitles you to use all of your free-odds betting potential across a variety of TRUE ODDS wagers, a wide variety of new and exciting games can be developed!

Some can be complex for experts in the "underlying games" such as craps and "hazard roulette". But some games can be VERY simple, so simple, the players don't even have to understand the underlying game being played... all they need to do is make a bet which entitles them to a pool of money that they can then use to play other SIMPLE GAMES, like "Coin Flip", "Rock-Paper-Scissors", etc., all at TRUE ODDS...

36 videos, about 45 minutes total viewing time

This playlist features the games of "Crapless-Don't", "RouleDice_CC", and "RouLevel". It also discusses "Easy_TraditionalCraps", and one called "Easy_RB_Crapless-Dont". The "Easy" games can be played by anyone, even if they don't understand how pass-line bets work. Easy_RB_Crapless-Dont can easily be configured to continuously make a line bet on every come-out roll, entitling him to 6 times the line-bet amount for use in TruePlace betting.
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