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One of my guilty little pleasures is to watch America's Got Talent on NBC during the summer. Last year, Paul Zerdin the Ventriloquist edged out PIFF THE MAGIC DRAGON (I posted a short review on him as well) and another less talented fellow to win it.

And now Paul Zerdin has turned up at Planet Hollywood in the showroom upstairs. Mrs. Q and I used my monthly Diamond show tix to see him last night.

This show is very good, and we recommend it, especially to anyone at the Diamond level who can see it for "free". ( Kudos for CZR TR letting me pick seats in the 2nd row, that's another thing I like about their program, in addition of course to the appetizers and drinks every afternoon, and you can meet some interesting people in there from time to time, right TEDDYS ?). We saw TERRY FATOR a couple of years ago, and I think Terry is perhaps a little more talented of a ventriloquist, but Paul holds his own and I think his show compares pretty well. There are some good laugh out loud moments.

I was pleasantly surprised that most of his material was not simply recycled from what I had seen last summer on TV. And it is spiced up a bit so you know you are in Vegas, but still a PG-13 show. In fact, for anyone under that age, those particular jokes might go right over their head. So family safe, but Vegas-y.

He was smart to add a pretty women singer (his girlfriend ?) to the show to interact with him and the puppets. She isn't up on stage a lot, but she does a very nice job when she is.

He had plenty of funny material to fill up an evening show time slot. When we were there, the theater was only ~2/3rds of the way full at curtain time, so the ushers let the cheap seats move up closer. So that approach might work if you don't want to spring for the full ticket price.
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