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September 30th, 2022 at 12:22:29 PM permalink
I'll make this short and sweet, I can get 2x multipliers on multiplier days and for that I need to get to the next player card level. The multipliers would be nice whenever I occasionally do slots.

The wonderful VP machines got "reworked" (aka they got murdered) so the best VP I have for this is 98.91 dueces which I know strategy for.

I need to play through 3940$ to get to the next level, 788 hands on 5$ a hand on 1$ single line machines. Some other options include 98.72%, 0.50 cents Single Line Super Times Pay JoB (3.00 a hand), 0.50 cents Single Line JoB (2.50 a hand @ 98.45%), or just regular 1$ Single Line 98.45% JoB

What would the bankroll required be for a 5% RoR or less? My initial thought based on feel is about 1500 bucks, but I would appreciate any input on more exact numbers.
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September 30th, 2022 at 12:38:04 PM permalink
I'd play 3200 hands of $1.25/hand VP to coin-in $3940 for rewards points. I need to hit some quads. I'd expect to lose 10 cents per hand, so that'd be a loss of $320. Maybe I've been demailered, or something will come today.
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