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Quote: redietz

I think it's important to delineate that the answer to "Can video poker be AP'ed?" is yes. And the answer to "Can video poker be AP'ed to the tune of 50K to 100K a year?" -- well, that's debatable if you're starting from scratch in 2021.

A lot of optimism in the answers here. And no answers that hint at somebody trying this (of course some readers of this forum have tried to do it recently) and crashing and burning. Selective reporting? Probably. Selective memories? Probably. Selective bullshit? Probably.

One factor you have to consider is that the cash back and free play and Tupperware are based on your ratings in various slot clubs. So someone starting out will not automatically have those percentages available to them without a ton of play at less favorable earnings percentages. For example, without Bob Dancer's top of the line ratings in all slot clubs, the machines he plays would not necessarily yield profits when everything is tallied together. It's only his past play that enables his present play to be as expansive as it is on the range of machines. What this means is that if you try to emulate someone like Dancer, you will likely be operating at a negative EV until you match his slot club ratings.

I'm not trying to throw cold water on the entire idea. I'm ahead lifetime playing video poker, but we're talking about the cost of a used car. Plus I'd gotten 12-24 free nights a year in LV for 20-some years. So this kind of play isn't that difficult.

But 50-100K a year starting from scratch? That's a tad optimistic. And it's a very dangerous goal.

let me start out by saying, I can't even fathom JUST AP'ing video poker. It just doesn't make any sense. If someone has the ability to AP video poker then there's absolutely no reason they wouldn't, shouldn't, or couldn't add other games in the mix. For example, let's say there's a good promotion at a casino, but the promo excludes video poker, however, all the slots during the promotion are now a 10% advantage, what now, this video poker AP is just going to walk out of the casino? Is that same guy is just going to walk by a fully loaded max bet Scarab machine on his way to a video poker machine and not play it? He's going to just toss out $50 match plays? Is he going to say F that video roulette promo, its only worth thousands per hour with little or no risk?

There are going to be multiple factors. It's really going to come down to who you are, how motivated you are, what and how fast you're capable learning, if you can you think outside the box(knowing the math and strategies cold won't really get you that far), and can you network(networking isn't needed, but it helps). Then there are bankroll and lifestyle considerations. Let's take an extreme example. If you are young, smart, motivated, single with a 30k bankroll while still living at your parents house, I can't see any reason you couldn't make over a 100k a year. If your an old dog curmudgeon with a tightly gripped 5K bankroll looking to setting up shop 8 hours a day at your most convenient casinos that only offer a few in your face progressives and crappy promotions, you're probably not going to do that well.

Assuming you have many of the qualities it takes. Here's some advice I have. Scouting, scouring thinking(How can I beat this) Scouting, scouring, thinking(how can I beat this) Scouting, scouring thinking(how can I beat this).
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