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Quote: billryan

Short answer is yes. Longer answer is there are many varieties of the game. Full pay DW is rare and is played differently from the more common version known as Not So Ugly Dueces, which is played differently than the more common versions.
Most common change is what you do when dealt two pair.

And four to a Flush vs. a pair. If flush is 15, hold the flush draw, if it's 10, hold the pair.

Deuces and DDB would be the next games I would learn. Bonus is almost the same as JoB already.
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If you learn JoB, BP, DB, DDB, etc will all be easier to remember. I would stick to learning paytables that you see often. No point in learning 10/7 DB if you live outside of Vegas.

Deuces are Wild is the best game of all time dont @ me. Recently I've been playing a lot of airport deuces. Learn that, don't bother with FPDW unless you wanna grind out $9/hr or something. I would learn Jokers last since if you play at a place that has it, chances are there are other games that have better payback and it's so technical just for one "type" of video poker.
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My favorite is quick quads. Maybe keep playing job but learn a variant like that.
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