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Quote: GaryJKoehler

Assuming these pays are in the same order as the Wiz's tables on the prior page of this thread and that I copied them correctly, the EV is 96.931691183607.

Thanks Gary. Bigger than I expected. But then again, since flushes and full houses are devalued, it makes a bigger difference, along with the natural quad values remaining unchanged.

Just one dealt pair will be held, and makes a bigger difference since the full house is only 15.

Same goes with pair with 4 flush.

And now if I did the math right, you'll break all dealt natural full houses now instead of just Aces-4s full.
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Thanks for this post from:
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I popped examples of each of your three predictions and they all agree. For example:
Dealt: 7C 7D 6S 9H 9S, hold either pair but not both.
Dealt: 5C 7C JC KC JD, hold the Jacks.
Dealt: 7C 7D 7H 9H 9S, hold the 7s.
Of course, this doesn't prove the general case, but your instincts seem good.

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