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October 15th, 2015 at 8:10:08 AM permalink
Yes if you already know a place doesn`t have anything else going on and or you have down time it`s a good way to kill time and make a little something.
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October 15th, 2015 at 11:14:13 AM permalink
Quote: AxelWolf

I do wonder if any casino employees will read this and start looking for guys setting machines at ten. They may view it as intentionally tricking their customers into possibly betting more and giving up EV for YOU to earn extra money to pay your bills.
If I was a casino manager, I would be extra pissed at this tactic.

I would not be upset if I was the slot director or casino manager. Now the player is playing double what they were before and the only real downside for the player is their last hand where they get up and walk away. The rest of the hands the player is getting full value.

Although I wouldn't be upset it would definitely draw unwanted attention to the AP.
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October 15th, 2015 at 12:18:09 PM permalink
Quote: Hunterhill

"He might have stumbled on to something that could be a 20-30 dollar per hour job".
I can't speak for Axel but this is why i don't actively scout UX.Your time is better spent looking for good opportunities.
In some casinos vux can draw attention to you. The last thing you want is to be noticed by casino personnel.
Of course if you're a recreational player or if $20-30 per hour sounds good to you then by all means go for it.

Not many of us (machine hustlers) are going to make more than $30/hr over the long haul of this, I'd know because I've been doing this for yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears. If you think there's legitimate opportunities available to earn more, or that they are repetitive enough to counter the downswings of inactivity, I'm all ears, but don't be foolish in regards to VUXing, it is the absolute best, safest, and smallest BR required of all of the hustles, its just a long, monotonous grind that (like video poker) will result in lots of time spent making nothing, to then have that one "big one" hit to make it all worth it.

If that isn't your cup of tea, don't do it, and keep in mind I'm not suggesting that VUXing is worth 20-30/hr, because in most places it isn't. In most places its worth $5-8/hr because of the competition. That being said, however, if you're in a location where there is ZERO competition, the $/hr could be tremendous, but is dependent upon MANY variables, such as available denominations, base pay on the pay schedule, number of machines, number of players, etc. etc. etc.

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