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Quote: sabre

I literally saw a guy hold 4679 unsuited at deuces wild once. I think you're underestimating how bad the bad players can actually be.

Oh they can be that bad, sure. But I rarely notice people consistently making terrible plays. Especially beyond the Vegas Strip.

Also in that example, that could have been a person misreading 4679 as 4678. But if he plays the next 20 hands close to optimal, then that probably was just a poor read. Hell I may have done it once before too being careless.
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Quote: AxelWolf

Hopefully not for that reason.

FYI AP'S do it all the time.

Oh no, there were surely other issues. Just icing on the cake.

She was definitely not understanding or calculating a specific loss. She was sprinkling corner bets around, enough so that was likely to hit something (but only 1), and of denominations such that it would only barely break even if it landed on a particular spot, and otherwise would lose. No particular pattern or system, and certainly not anything that was working. After the third or fourth round where she got happy for "winning" 10 (or so) (for a lay of 25 or so), I couldn't watch it anymore.

Not the brightest cookie in the shed.

As for AP's, I would hope there would be some angle. She wasn't working one.
May the cards fall in your favor.

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