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February 12th, 2015 at 6:38:15 AM permalink
Caesar's casino has an ongoing promo: 75TC gets you $10 bounceback. you can play everyday.

75tc = $750 coin in at bad vp tables. ($3375 coin-in at 9/6 JoB)

I've been playing single line $1 DW (97.6%). I'm waaaaaaaaaaay up because I hit quad 2's (+$1000).

there's a $0.25 10-coin triple play 'Tap House' DDB:

depending the multiplier table, this game is between 98% to 98.3%.
regular 9/5 ddb = 97.9%.

expected loses:
$1 dw (97.6%) = $18
$1 9/6 JoB (99.5%) = 16.88
$0.25 ddb (98.3%) = 12.75

$1 dw = $5 coin-in
$0.25 10-coin Triple play DDB = $7.50 coin-in

From an expected loses standpoint, I should play this 98.3% ddb.
What about from a variance standpoint? (I'm only going to be playing 150 spins.)

Also, is there anyway to tell which multiplier table this Tap House game has?
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February 12th, 2015 at 6:48:07 AM permalink
You should play none of them because, even after the $10 in FP, you're still at -EV.
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February 12th, 2015 at 7:31:35 AM permalink
Quote: RS

You should play none of them because, even after the $10 in FP, you're still at -EV.

If his goal is to make money from playing these games, I agree.

As for the variance thing. 3-play quarter ddb is likely worse than $1 deuces after the gimmick bet.

And another thing I hate about this and a few other igt games. You can't tell the average multiplier without sampling. I don't think tap house tells you in the help screen. I'd assume it's the lowest unless proven otherwise.

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