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I visited the Grand Yak Casino in the beginning of January in Cancun, and to my disappointment, the only game that they offered that I was familiar with was absolutely terrible. It was single odds, and worse, they charged a 1% "tax" on winnings that was calculated on how much you were cashing out less 70% of what you bought in for.

So if you bought 1000 pesos, and walked away with 2000 pesos, they would calculate your winnings at 1300 pesos, and charge a 1% tax on that.

There was also a game thats similiar to sic bo, but they spun their dice in a bird cage like contraption.

The good part about the casino was their buy and sell rate for US Dollars was equal at 12.5 pesos per dollar. While thats a terrible rate to sell dollars at, its an amazing rate to buy dollars at (the rate was 13.7 at the time).

It essentially allowed me to withdraw at 13.5 pesos / dollar at the ATM (after fees) footsteps from the cage, and buy dollars at 12.5 pesos / dollar from the cage, leaving a 7% profit in between.

I don't know what their rate is today, since the peso strengthened a bit (to 12.5), but this still may be possible.

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