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This was my first trip to Vegas. We spent the first two nights at the Tropicana and two nights at Excalibur. Below is my review of different aspects of my trip.

Table Games:
Contrary to the report from 2009 from JB's report, I was able to surrender hands on Pai Gow without question. They still used the dice shaker. I did not see C-Stud and I assumed it has disappeared, perhaps in favor of making most of the carnival games progressives. They had Three Card, Crazy Four, and Texas Hold 'Em Bonus, all in progressive form.

The dealers were perhaps the worst crop I've ever come across. A tip would rarely merit a 'thank you'--often, no comment was made at all. The dealers put very little effort into generating any kind of conversation or well wishes.

There is a party pit near Dick's Last Resort featuring dancers and loud music. All blackjack tables appeared to pay 6:5, with a $10 minimum.

Drink service was fast and efficient--I would estimate a cocktail server stopped by four times during a one-hour session on Crazy Four.

Players Club:
From the literature that was available, it appears the players club is now called 'M Life'. I played at a handful of their properties over the weekend, so I can't attest to the comp availability (and I forgot to ask for anything). I did rack up 179 in points (Only played slots at Excalibur) for $1.79 in "Pointplay" and $18.39 in "Express Comps". I would estimate I only bet about $15 on average between Ultimate Texas (at MGM), Crazy 4, Blackjack, and Pai Gow.

Upon checking in, we were handed a booklet that had about 10 coupons. The two I remember was $30 in 'promotional chips' for $20 (can't cash them out) and two free games in the downstairs Fun Room, which looked like it had seen better days. The games included the "Goblet Game", where you have to throw a whiffle ball into a red, yellow, or blue goblet; several water-pistol games, and a duck pond game.

We stayed in Tower I, paying $45/night. There's a security checkpoint before the elevator bank with a sign that read "We care about your safety. Please present your room key". Despite a security officer being present at the podium, they never once asked for it. The interior corridors had a strange smell of chalk and were dimly lit. The hotel allows solicitors of some kind to enter the floors and throw restaurant menus under your door. Furthermore, we left Saturday morning around 10:00 AM to leave for the day and there was a food cart two doors down with someone's breakfast leftovers on it. When I returned at 4:00 AM, the same food cart was still sitting there.

Dick's Last Resort: If you don't have a sense of humor, don't eat here. The servers are 'trained' in giving bad service. For example, straws are simply thrown at you. In addition, there's a large roll of paper hanging on the wall that serves two purposes: Placemats and hats. The server will write an insulting comment (e.g. "Just like the Trojan Army, I once came inside a horse") on a large paper hat and come over and force it on an unsuspecting person's head. While I was decently entertained by these shenanigans, its not for everyone. Furthermore, the food is nothing to write home about. I spent $18.99+tip for a pulled pork sandwich & fries ($14.99) and an iced tea ($4). The Pulled Pork reminded me of the Lloyd's stuff you get at the refrigerated section of your local grocer. They do offer a menu full of specials that are served until 12 noon or 12:30, including a breakfast burrito that apparently had cold eggs, because my friend didn't eat much of this upon noting that fact. A second burrito at the same table was given a thumbs up by a female member of our party.

Buffet: I can't comment on the buffet personally, as I was too hungover to grab breakfast the morning the rest of my party did. However, they indicated it was very good.

There's also a food court that has among other things, a Krispy Kreme. Unfortunately, it is far away from the hotel and the gaming floor.

On our last night, I asked the concierge if he had any recommendations for fine dining. He declined to nominate any restaurant on property, instead recommending places at other properties. A review for Tender at the Luxor will be forthcoming in that thread.

Overall, between the poor service and the dingy conditions, I can't recommend this property in good conscience. My friends agreed that we won't be returning.
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October 10th, 2011 at 4:08:22 AM permalink
At least they were honest about that fine dining recommendation that you sought.

The post you made about Excalibur is about what I would expect. Its a low budget place aimed originally at those with kids and still catering somewhat to that market.

Too hungover ... at least you were not gambling at the time. That's good.

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