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Fathers Day present from the Mrs: a Las Vegas visit! No kids!!!

After this trip, I could not stop raving about South Point Casino. I said it’s like going to Reno in the 1990s — but in a good way! When you check in, you get a coupon book. But they’re good coupons — two are for free drinks at most of the bars with your choice of beer, wine, or whiskey/vodka/tequila. The casino has specials all around. $4 Mon/Wed/Thu movie ticket for seniors (50 and up), but apparently anyone with a players card gets the deal. Half-off clams in the afternoon. Early bird bowling for $1. Hot dog for $1.50 until 5 p.m. Rooms are inexpensive and decent — you get slippers!

Another South Point feature I enjoyed was HORSE in the poker room! The first night, the dealer had some trouble dealing it. I played for a couple hours it seemed, won a few pots, and finished down only like $40. The second day the dealer was fine, but the betting was crazy and I lost almost $100 in less than 45 minutes. Still, after only playing HORSE online with play money, it was fun to play it for “real.”

The last thing: someone at my local card room told a tale that at South Point, if you say you folded such-and-such, everyone will tell you to give $15 to an older woman at the table, then she’ll pull out a handmade tee-shirt that says “Nobody cares what you folded” and give it to you. That tale, at least according to one hold’em table at the South Point, was debunked.


—Arrived 9:30 a.m.
—Rental car shuttle — Hertz EV $48/day with tax & fees: Volvo Polestar. Desk rep had no info about where to recharge car, so paid $35 to return with more than 10% charge
—Cosmopolitan: long line at check-in
—Waited at Vesper Lounge: Japanese highball cocktail, $21 w/tax
—Gave us room key, then texted us with room at 12:05 p.m.
—Mrs upgraded to terrace room for $40 more/night — incredible deal. Beautiful, 600 sq ft. room with balcony that has couch
—Nap until 4:30 p.m.
—Swimming pool 5 to 6 p.m.: really nice pool staff
—Blue Ribbon Restaurant happy hour dinner:
$12 wines (nearly every wine on menu)
$18 sashimi platter (four pieces: tuna, yellowtail, 2 salmon)
$19 charcuterie board
$16 hummus and pita bread
$5 extra pita bread
Sourdough bread and butter included
—Video poker at the Chandelier Bar: Played 7-5 $0.25 JoB; Got $5 free play for players card sign-up; Won $15, Mrs lost $9
—Comped drinks: Mrs: wine; me: Angel’s Envy bourbon (normally $16)
—Many people ordering famous Verbena cocktail, but it’s no longer comped. $21 or less cocktails comped
—Walked around and saw $25 min. blackjack, craps
—Walked to Planet Hollywood, saw $15 Three Card Poker.
—Miracle Mile Shops, CVS, Walgreens
—Back to Cosmopolitan, “nap”
—1 a.m. Got in line at Secret Pizza, 1:30 a.m. got my pizza slices — worth the wait

—Cosmopolitan swimming pool
—District coffee and donuts
—Checked out
—Lunch at Co Anh Sandwich & Noodle Kitchen (locals restaurant — good food!)
—Red Dragon casino (because I loved my visit to the Carson City location): Mrs got quads, played some pool
—Check in at South Point
—Brio Italian Grille (15-min drive from South Point) happy hour dinner: decent.
—North Premium Outlets
—South Point poker: Limit Hold’em and HORSE.
—Midnight breakfast specials: Cafe Coronado (doing a deep cleaning, so everyone was sent to Don Vito’s for the same menu), 7oz N.Y. Steak, Two Eggs, Hash Browns, Toast & Jelly for $6.45
—Played Dragon Link slots and won $4


—Pick up friends at airport
—Filipino buffet lunch at divey Kusina ni Lorraine on Maryland Parkway. Used to be $15, but now $18. We all liked it, especially the sweet rice pudding dessert (and our Filipino friend thought it was good!).
—South Point HORSE lost almost $100
—Limit hold’em won $152!
—Dinner at Zen Japanese restaurant (with coupons!)
—Workout at fitness center


—Early Bird bowling $1/game, comped $4.50 shoe rental from poker play
—Lunch at Oyster Bar — half-off oysters from 11am to 4pm. $14.50/dozen
—Walked around South Point, checked out bowling tournament
—$1.50 hot dog!
—Used my two drink coupons
—Leaving Las Vegas

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Great report. Thanks for sharing.
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