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This is a quick and generic overview of Circa Resort Downtown. I was their form Sat Jan 15- Tuesday Jan 18th. Main reason for visit was Wild Card Weekend. Sports book does not disappoint. Despite fee for reserving premium seating, I was pleasantly surprised that there are bar tops on both level to support those who wanted to watch but did not want to put down $150 for a reclining chair. Betting options fair. Live betting App was not as robust as I would have hoped, but basic enough. Two hours before the 1st game there was plenty of room but as kickoff approached, it was clear this was the place to be.

One thing I did notice was while the games were going, all table limits were $25. It was not until off hours and Tuesday when min dropped to $15 for all table games

Facility itself is very clean and upbeat. Only recommendation I have is for the cocktail waitresses to be more ‘out in force’. If you weren’t on a machine at the overhang bar you were not getting regular service.

Overall, the feel more along the lines of the strip, but with all downtown offers outside the lobby.
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i was ther last sept .Its just another overpriced BS {"the place to be and seen"}Fu$$ them..
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I prefer watching the game or games at home. I have 4 tvs to watch from if needed. I don’t even mind watching it in my hotel room if I was traveling unless I wanted to eat. I tend to be able to focus on the games better when I watch alone.
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