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Borgata. I did well there last month so they bumped us (Mrs and me) to a suite. The suites are nice, we don't really care. All we do is sleep there.

First off: I didn't have to worry about how much to tip on a $1,000,000 win. Thank gravy for that.

I promised myself I'd blow $1000 through the $100 WoF, the RW&B where a blank returns one unit. That went as expected.

I split time between playing slots next to Mrs and playing Criss Cross, my new favorite junk game. Bet $10 all weekend, all games. Not much happened: up a little here, down a little there. Borgata has added a wheel spin to their two-card games: if you get dealt a pair, you get a wheel spin. It's not linear, almost every spin is $50. Jackpot is progressive, I think it was north of $160k. They said it hit once beginning of summer. Who knows.

The whole damn trip was "one-away". I was at the $5 WoF (5x5, $25/pull) and a lady sat down next to me; first spin she gets a wheel, and hits the $10k. That night playing Criss Cross, the guy next to me gets AA, and the down cards come AA. He was betting $75/spot, it was something like $18k. The next day playing High Card Flush, the guy next to me got a 6 card flush with a 4 card straight flush, betting quarters it was something like $4.8k.

Anyhow I hung in there. I lost a few hundred at Criss Cross, hit the $5 WoF for $800 using my free play, won at Criss Cross that evening. Lost at penny slots next to Mrs, they can eat you alive. The buffet was decent. The Comedy Club show was sub par, usually they're okay-to-pretty-good. Down about $800, due to that $1000.

Next day was the same. Lost at the tables in the afternoon. Dinner at Old Homestead was excellent. Did okay at CC after dinner. Nothing great, but a steady 2 unit/3 unit growth over a few hours. Ended the day still down $800ish, damn those penny slots.

Last day we went over to Ocean. It's much nicer than when it was Revel. I'm not sure what it is; the lighting? I played UTH and got a couple 4OAKs, bought in with $500 and doubled up. Switched to Criss Cross and lost it back. Switched to High Card Flush and doubled up again. Sweet. Best hand was 6-7-8-9D, dealer qualified. Lost a little at slots next to Mrs.

Ended up down $650 for 3 days. I don't care about the $100WoF (well I do, but I accepted the bet), if I'd hit a spin it would have been a blast.

That's how us casuals do it. I do good at everything else, I go there to enjoy the chances.
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Any good hot dogs in AC?

How was the buffet? Same as pre-COVID?

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