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Not that I work for the Reno Chamber of Commerce, but why do gamblers insist going to Vegas? Unless you are a poker player or a real high stakes gambler and get comped, for the average gambler I see no value. If you're a $10-$15 a hand table games player or even a .25 cent slot or VP player, I don't see the benefits unless you're also there for the 1st class entertainment. If I recall, I think the bartenders require you to bet at least $1 a hand to receive a free drink playing the machines, here in Reno, it's ten cents!
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Simply put... The reason is because Vegas is ...well, IT'S VEGAS BABY!!
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For me, flying into Reno typically costs twice as much as flying into Vegas, and will add a couple hours to the flight. If travel to either were equal, I would probably split my trips between the two or go to whichever was the better deal for rooms/food/free play/etc. My comps have been better for Vegas than Reno recently.

I think you can still find value in Vegas, just not on the strip. Last time I was out there, we stayed a couple of days at Paris, but did most of our gambling at Ellis Island or Downtown. We also spent a few days at Red Rock. I think gambling value at these places is on par with Reno.

In general, I think people would rather go to Vegas than Reno because Vegas is "Vegas, baby!" and Reno is not.

EDIT: D'oh! Out-quicked by WMW! :P
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Because the expression is Vegas, Baby! Vegas! and it is NOT Reno Baby, Reno!! And that is perhaps just about the only reason left.

If you go back into various archives of mystery novels and B movies and the like you will find that it was Reno, not Vegas, that was featured. Gin soaked dames went to Reno to get rid of an oaf, not to Vegas.

Vegas boomed when movie stars, many of them hard core gamblers, made appearances routinely in Las Vegas. Joe E Lewis once got his data a pack of free cigarettes that cost him ten grand. One Hollywood starlet got short sticked at Binions and re-adjusted her wardrobe to provide a full view exclaiming "if you want to look, look but send me my dice".

Also the "visit your fine feathered friends" campaign in Los Angeles and New York City ads had a great draw. The fine feathered friends were of course the dancers that populated the girl ghetto that used to exist that was just full of tall, leggy dancers sunning themselves au naturel. Women earning small fortune dancing and dealing blackjack in the post-The Book era kept the crowds growing. Benny Binion packed everyone in, casinos had their own schools to teach blackjack, casinos paid parents bonuses if their children became blackjack dealers, particularly their daughters. There were rumors all over Vegas about breast sizes and the best shifts for cocktail waitresses. Benny Binion ended the rumors by putting up a chart in four inch letters and installing a mirror so the girls could see the view men would be having as they bent down to place a drink on a crap's tables ledge. He told them straight out that view is worth a grand a month to us and about an extra grand a month to you. Circus Circus built a 'world's longest buffet' and actually made a profit on it too. Everything was excessive and everyone was swimming in money as the stock market boomed.

So Vegas became the symbol of wealth and greed.

Now its all restaurants and dance clubs and pool parties and oh yeah,,,, a little gambling now and then.

Better bargains all over the place now and Reno is one alternative.Sure it was really bad a few years ago now its just sort of bad, but that just makes the casinos really work to get people to drop by and to come back. That means the casinos have to do well by them. Far more so than in Vegas it seems.
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Many would go to Reno if flights were cheaper, big factor. It's the value gambling capital USA. Pretty sure their weather is not as good, snow scares people away.
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Because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. And what happens in Reno....NVM, nothing ever happens in Reno.
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Quote: Joeman

We also spent a few days at Red Rock.

Red Rock used to offer four different 'intimacy kits' when you reserved your room. They needed to lure customers and that is the only reason they sprung for mints, rose petals, various flavored items and faux bondage tape, etc.
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I started because of the weather. Best time of year for me to take vacations was January and I was fleeing the snow, not looking for it.
Rooms were cheap or free, car rentals were a fraction of what I was used to paying. Airfare and cars in Reno are not cheap.
I'm headed north this fall, but Reno isn't a priority. Carson City and Virginia City are.
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Look at how many people play 6:5 BJ even when it is explained to them, they you have your answer.

You are asking the wrong question, It is not "why do GAMBLERS insist on going to Las Vegas,: It is, "why do TOURISTS not want to go to Reno?" I would like to try Reno one day, but I will have to go alone. I cannot even convince people I know that Freemont St is better to play than the Strip.

I'd say Reno needs to stop trying to be "Better Value Vegas" and get some kind of draw on its own. If not:

Get the hotels to have real one-to-one service, not shuffling you like cattle into their 4,000 rooms, have the room waiting for the guest, not the guest waiting for it.

Find a niche for the shows, artists on their way up or back, in an intimate setting,

Get some "draws," make it feel like an adult vacation but not in the porno way.

Vegas Lite will not get you tourists, Vegas simply has too many cheap rooms to fill.

So much could be done.
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I would love to go to reno and lake Tahoe but flights are about 500 compared to vegas at $120.
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