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January 18th, 2017 at 7:08:02 PM permalink
Any casinos with a promo that you would like me to visit and do a trip report?

Years ago, Horseshoe in Shreveport had the only +EV blackjack in the US. Are there any BJ games with a player advantage? If you don't want to disclose in puclic, kindly PM me. I'll go do a detailed trip report.

Years ago, Sandia and Santa Ana Star casino in NM had free buy 4 and 10. The Santa Ana Star now only allows up to $100 free buy. On a $5 pass bet with 5x odds, that's like 45x odds. Might as well go play in Shreveport where there's 100x odds.

The SAS also paid true odds on the field, which I didn't like because the game moved so fast with a bet on the field every roll.

I'm not sure about the Sandia nowadays.

The Aladdin in LV once had true odds on the hard ways bets. It was a promo that ran for a month.

Oh, I can't forget the 1000x odds craps game that ran for a month in LV. According to the dealers, I was the highest average player, at 600x odds. And they comped me, too, hoping to get me to play other games (which I played the single zero roulette for 20 minutes each time).

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to where I should go?

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