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I'm an experienced TG supervisor at a new casino. One of our largest competitors is currently allowing the players to see the burn cards on mini-bacc. Our mgt staff has said we will not do this. This got me curious. I did some looking on the wizard of odds. This particular topic was not addressed but he did spend some time showing how a bacc shoe could not effectively be counted. I would hate to see our new casino lose play over something of little to no consequence. I could use a second opinion or a link to a credible source on this topic.

Any thoughts?
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The initial N cards are required to be shown in New Jersey. See NJ mini-bacc rules, 19:47-7.5 (f).

What's management's concern about it? Game speed, protection, something else? PM me if you want to talk via phone; I'm in the industry too.
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Quote: MathExtremist

What's management's concern about it? Game speed, protection, something else?

Protection. I'm sure somewhere someone thought if a player knows which cards have been burned he is suddenly going to have some super-secret advantage in all subsequent play.
I don't think players would revolt at this but its an idiotic thing to even consider doing.
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At Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, they also show the burn cards on mini-bacc.
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In my travels I've found that far fewer than 10% of casinos will expose the burn cards in Baccarat. Today I play mostly in Louisiana. In the area I play most often, only 2 casinos will expose the burn cards. I've never heard of anyone causing them serious concern. One of the 2 also has the deep cut card (-14 from the end of the shoe plus one hand). So when a shoe finishes there are times that only 3 cards are not exposed out of the 416.

Usually the pit critters are more concerned about the side bet and someone betting the $100 max and hitting the 30x payoff. Smaller casinos tend to sweat the money more often. It's easy to sense when they have a much greater paranoia.

Personally, I like seeing the burn the cards. Would I switch casinos only because of the exposing burn cards alone? Probably not. But if there were 2 or 3 or 4 reasons to switch, adding one more (trivia) item to the list would not help your casino.

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