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This was something that I had wanted to send to the Wizard, but he was not accepting email at that time. In August, I went to Caesars Atlantic City with a friend, and I was playing Craps. It was a weekday, $10 table, and my normal betting is $10 Pass line, 5x with continuous Come Bets. Before I get to the point of the story, the aside is that one shooter shot for over an hour, I was upping my bets and I won almost $10,000. In fact, the bank was nearly empty of everything but purple chips and up, to the point that the Floor Manager had come over and told me to take a picture with a camera phone when she wasn't looking because "You'll never see a bank as empty as that in your life." The fact that my biggest win ever came at the same time as this rare advantage is purely coincidental, and has nothing to do with my point.

There was a player advantage at Caesars at the Craps table, for about a week. They were running a 30th anniversary promotion, wherein at various table games, you could earn a "scratch off" ticket if you placed a specific bet and it paid. For example, a win on the Single Zero on roulette, a suited blackjack, etc. On Craps, I believe the bosses messed up badly. The bet that paid off was the Hard Eight. A $1 hard eight bet earned a scratch off ticket. After winning about a dozen, here were the values (2) 2 free drinks at the Temple Bar. (1) Free Buffet for two (3) $75 in cash. (1) $150 in cash (3) $100 Match play coupons (1) $250 Match play coupon (1) $500 Match Play coupon. Based on my observations of other players, this assortment seemed typical. Unlike the other games, where you had to place a bet every time, the hard eight obviously stayed up until you won, there was a seven, or an easy eight. Everyone was keeping their hard eights on during the Come Out (you didn't want to miss one), and for just a dollar, it was an amazing advantage play. Even if you figure that the value of the buffet and the drinks are zero, and the match play is worth half of it's face, the expected value of a coupon (based on my observation) is about $75. It turned a house edge of about 9% on the hard eight to a player advantage that I'm not even sure how to calculate, but the expected return on a $1 bet is $74.91. While everything else was going on at this table, the pit bosses were talking about how the casino was going to be broke because of this promotion. I would have stayed there all night, but my friend needed to go home. When I returned the following Saturday, I was told two things: 1. They ran out of scratch off tickets for now; and 2. When they bring them back, on Craps you are going to have to Hop the Hard Eight to win. Clearly they realized their error.
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Nice time to hit the table with that promo. I like your win on the hot roll as I have had several similar wins over the years starting with a 5 or 10 bet and odds. Can't understand the players who want to put win stops in place. Didn't know you could win 'too much'. As long as you keep pressing with the casinos money and are putting away some of your win never quit. Congrats again on the win.
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That is a good story. I wish I was there. Scratch card/drawing ticket promotions are often poorly designed, and merit attention whenever you see one. Also, if you tip well, you can often get extra tickets.
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