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Yep, it's always been about scouting. I remember one night meeting this top AP on LV BLVD., say 3AM in about 2002, he was in great physical shape, super friendly, his job that night was to scout -- hours and hours of scouting. I think he was looking for BJ dealers exposing hole-cards mainly, but I am sure he knew 100 other plays that might be "on" if he found them.
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Quote: Donuts

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Perhaps. But knowing the game, the edge and casino is like 10% of the work. Not trying to discount it or anything. I just donít see how thatís magic.
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Thatís like 90% of the work. Scouting is where most APs spend there time these days
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Knowing the game, the casino and edge isnít scouting, thatís sitting in front of a computer saying such and such game is beatable. Doesnít mean shit in the real world. If game, casino and edge is what youíre after I have endless plays I could sell you. Iím at a casino right now. 50%, 12% and 8% hole card games. Cards are sortable and the exit door is 100 feet from tables, if you know what I mean.

Pounding the pavement is all that matters. Try, fail, try again, keep trying and failing and eventually you might figure something out. Thatís mostly what Iíve learned.
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Any news about the codes?

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