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What are the advantages compare to normal/classic programming ?
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Will artificial intelligence destroy online gambling? - Open Gaming Society

I figure these computer games learn my play, so they'll let me win awhile while I fathom a new strategy then the program will just shut me down with odds-shattering variance.
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"Most of the online casinos today undergo audits that check that they are offering their visitors fair play."

Rolling on the floor laughing my F***ing ass off.
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Quote: ChumpChange

Will artificial intelligence destroy online gambling? - Open Gaming Society

It will certainly change the games if AI creates vulnerabilities just as much as when card counting became a thing to defend against. Of course the defense against card counting has taken various forms, not all of which involved changing the game itself.

Hard to tell what will happen until it does.
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Quote: ssho88

What are the advantages compare to normal/classic programming ?

go to the casinos yourself and find out

"Card shuffling apparatus and card handling device"

The apparatus may also contain additional features such as card reading sensor(s) such as an optical sensor, neural sensing network, a video imaging apparatus, bar code reading, etc., to identify suits and ranks of cards; feed means for feeding cards sequentially past the sensor; at various points within the apparatus; storing areas in which the cards are stored in a desired order or random order; selectively programmable artificial intelligence coupled to the sensor(s) and to the storing areas to assemble in the storing areas groups of articles in a desired order; delivery systems for selectively delivering the individual articles into the storing areas, and collector areas for collecting collated or randomized sub-groups of cards.
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I think the AI model is the model that can predict a new result, receiving new data as input(That's the one advantage that AI programming have)
Ideally, in such issues to gain a better understanding of the technical solutions, you need to know how a software developer creates a solution and how a data engineer develops a solution using machine learning.

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