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Quote: billryan

You can call them oxytocin is you want, as long as they work.

"If it helps to turn your hat around during a poker game—then it helps. It is irrelevant that the hat has no magic powers."

I've taken up those annoying 6:5 video BJ machines lately since they seem the be the only thing I get a fair shot at... Doesn't matter if the nearby table is <1%HE if variance wants to beat you over the head.

Quote: GlenG

When they kiss their fingers first before doing so haha

One time I saw a woman do a full palm lick, rub it all over the screen... Then do the same thing for the next press. She must have the most robust immune system on the planet. ._.
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Everyone is losing and the table is cold because I'm jinxing them by betting the dark side.

I get that now and then.
"I should have bet black." - Winston Churchill .

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