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I'm pretty sure I used my personal dumbest the other day-- "Time to go. Every time my drink shows up, a losing streak begins. I'll be back in like 15 minutes." (Which was true; at least for the three other tables I was at earlier that day.)

Best part was that the other guy at the table thought it was so ridiculous that he played a second hand, just to prove I'm nuts. 20, 20... and a dealer BJ. He wasn't nearly as amused as I was.
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Quote: GlenG

Deal to these people all the time. I don't and never have let them. Always 150ish in red at all time max

Just pay that sh** color for color, then “accidentally” knock over their chips and let them clean it up.

I don’t remember what the buy in was, but I ended up pushing like 7 stacks (I felt like a roulette dealer) to a player, then figured screw this, and just knocked it all over seemingly accidentally. Player wasn’t impressed, but I sure as hell was that I could sell it as an accident so well.

If someone makes me work extra hard for something that’s stupid, I’ll make ‘em work 10x harder. My favorite thing to say to confusing bets was “what i don’t understand can you speak up there?” and tell the stick “move the dice” right after, then “sorry dice are out, you need to put your bets in when dice are in the middle. No bet.” I’m not gonna try to figure out what the hell $79 across is.

I dealt to a guy who only wanted black chips. If the payout had green or lower then he’d have us drop it. He was a nice guy, just odd. Another guy only wanted black and would do stuff like $2k pass/come + $2k odds, all black, he was an a**hole, but the all-black just made it over the top.
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I know dealers can get upset at barber poles or too many of one color or weird bet amounts but usually if a player has black chips dealers will let him get away with anything in the hopes they will get a tip.

In Biloxi, I once told a dealer not to pay me in dirty chips but I soon realized he didn't know what a dirty chip was (and probably would not have tapped a losing chip on his stack anyway). This was post Katrina and a lot of neophytes had just been hired.

Chicken clucking... no. Not I. Sorry. Wouldn't even walk around the chair three times except if I was three sheets to the wind and trying to get onto a bj chair. The PGP chairs are at a nice height though usually.

Dumbest one I ever heard of was rubbing a dwarf's bald head. Even more dumb when the dwarf didn't like the woman doing that before she rolled the dice.

Of course I still think it was the dealer's "you are all over the place" comment that caused the next roll to be a Seven when I was on the pass line and had just made come bets that put me on every number. If only she had kept her mouth shut the shooter would have kept hitting numbers. I'm not really very superstitious though. I just don't like to lose.
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Usually IDGAF until they start yapping about it to me. I was playing craps once for fun, and this guy kept telling me to pull my bets down after 3 rolls. Everyone's got their own superstitions, that's fine, but actually telling me and sweating my action is a weird thing, especially when the guy wasn't even playing.

There's a high concentration of weirdos on craps as opposed to every other table game.
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Everyone knows once they order a fill the players start losing.
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Quote: djatc

There's a high concentration of weirdos on craps as opposed to every other table game.

Ugh there’s a type....short, fat, sweaty, beet red face, wearing oversized sports jersey...taking up 4 racks chip racks of space at a crowded table and flipping out when anyone new tries to squeeze in.

I think craps is one of the more fun games when playing for fun...but oh man the players do suck.
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As far as my superstitions go: I have 2 pair of superman boxer briefs (deal with it) that I happen to of warn the first few times we played bigger money (and won). So while I don't really care, it forever sticks in my memory every time I pack for a playing trip I'll pack them as well, for the giggles.
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All craps superstitiions are "dumb," I suppose, and all defy logic.

A few in particular:

Turning off your bets if one or both of the dice leave the table;

Betting heavily on a shooter if it is a "virgin" woman who has never rolled dem bones before, and not betting on a "virgin" guy;

Getting mad and believing it is a jinx if anyone says the word "seven;"

And my favorite: believing that how one grips and tosses the dice can actually influence the outcome in a way which favors the shooter.
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Quote: Romes

As far as my superstitions go: I have 2 pair of superman boxer briefs

Of course you do.
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Quote: MrV

Betting heavily on a shooter if it is a "virgin" woman who has never rolled dem bones before, and not betting on a "virgin" guy

No, no, no! You misunderstand. The woman is a "virgin" (good thing) at the game. The guy is a "rookie" (never to be relied upon).

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