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Quote: Joeshlabotnik

If the flashed card gives you a pair, you can raise 3X or 4x (depending on the size of the pair) on a hand you would normally check. For instance, you have J6, you might bet 4X if a Jack flashed and 3X if a 6 flashed. You also might bet 3X if your hand was suited and the flashed card was of that same suit.

I agree with this. You would also raise 4x with pocket deuces if a deuce is flashed.

Quote: Joeshlabotnik

Conversely, the flashed card might slow you down. If you had 55 and would normally raise, but a higher card flashed, you might wait to see the entire flop before raising.

The "Wizard Strategy" for UTH is to raise all pocket pairs except deuces. With a pair of 5s, there are 12 cards in the deck with a lower ranking and 36 cards with a higher ranking. I would expect the flop to contain higher cards whether or not the dealer flashes a card.

On the subject of looking for an advantage from exposed cards, read Discount Gambling's guide Practical Collusion for Ultimate Texas Hold’em. A dealer may flash a card that might let you know if you'll make at least a pair or trips. However, if you have a marginal hand, it helps to find out if your outs are in the other players hands.

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