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July 16th, 2017 at 10:52:47 AM permalink
I checked out this game at Thunder Valley on Friday. They now have three tables open and it is fairly popular. The game is fun to play. Your best advantage over the game is when you have two pair as it makes dealer split two pairs push-able or winnable as you can always put two pairs in your bottom hand to push a dealer two pair. There were of course a number of A-highs which made your hand moot.

It is commission free.

It does not play much faster as people still take their times to set their hand and when the dealer has A-high (the push) you still set your hand if you have a Fortune bonus. It is a bit faster as payout is faster but the game play is about the same. You toss your hand in when you know you've lost. (you toss in against an A-high push as well).

They feature the standard fortune side bet and the Aces side-bet, as well as the G3 Progressive at double the bet ($2). At a jackpot of $110K, it was a ripoff though they did have envy + 7 card dealer SF as winnable hands. Still I estimate a 40% HA on this bet.

You can develop bad habits playing this game. Since you are setting your hand to push or win you will do stupid things like set your winning hand to "just beat" the dealer. For example, if you have two pair with an A 10 9 and the dealer has an 10-8 up in the back you will have fun and put the 10-9 down in the back instead of the A-10.

I liked it. You build your own suspense by slowly opening your hand.
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I played some PGP this weekend in Vegas which is not my normal game....was with some millennials and they were running out of bankroll, so the slow pace of teaching them PGP was an answer. There were times when I said, if I was playing that 7 Up PGP, I could have set my hand differently for a better outcome. Not a lot of hands, but I distinctly remember a few.
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