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Just wanted to share.

Past Four visits to the casino, I go with the intention of winning. Bankroll of $500. My main game is Baccarat and blackjack. I go up and down but overall I come out winning. It's honestly an emotional roller-coaster because you lose and win then think you'll leave empty but then lady luck turns up. I try to leave at $200 each time but controlling the urge is still very tough I tend to go full tilt if I run into a bad streak. I've managed to take $200-300 easy within 10min upon arrival but because it's too fast I can never bring myself to leave yet. Tonight was another roller-coaster, bankroll of 1k. I was up $300 (which passed my $200 goal) but tried to grind harder till I was down to only $500 (yep there goes gambling for ya). I was disappointed in myself for not leaving like I had pre-gamed to do so. While having a beer before I leave I decided to try my last luck. The last few straw of big bet brought me back up (1k bankroll) and over ($300). Let's just say it's been fun but I don't know if I'll be back, let's see how I feel tomorrow.

Each visit with $500 bankroll except last with 1k

1st trip = $250 up

2nd trip (3days later) = - $150 down

3rd trip = (2days after) $500 up

Today = (tonight, day after) $300 up

If you have streak stories do tell!
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The only streak I have is picking out monkeys
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