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Later this week I am heading to Vegas and there are 3 of us sharing a room. We are all moderate betters (about 150/hand). Generally the host always says charge everything to the room and he will take care of what he can at the end of our stay. Is the host able to use the comps for each of us and take off parts or how does that generally work. I booked the room under a marketing promo so obviously I am going to have to work off the room before any of my play can go towards anything else. Can a host combine multiple players play to take off charges? Does it matter that the room and charges are all under my name?
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While different casinos *may* do things differently, the experiences my wife and I had should be helpful.

First, we don't have / use a host. She plays enough $5 slots to earn enough points to pay for just about everything. On the rare occasions that she doesn't cover it, my points fill in the gap. So multiple people paying one bill is no problem. Just a few extra keystrokes, etc.

We simply check out at the front desk, and the clerk runs our club cards, etc. Never had a problem.

Also, charge your restaurant bills to the room. In most cases, if you use your comp points at the restaurant, you have to pay your tip in cash. But if you charge it to the room, you can THEN pay for it, including the tips, with your points.
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