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Quote: 24Bingo

If you look at it that way. However, at a $100 table, they were probably worried the other players would see you as a flea.

And that is bad, harmful or immoral how?
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Quote: NickyDim

...unshuffled deck...

I stumbled across the following in the Blackjack rules from Crown's website
Quote: Crown

4.1.1 The cards will be shuffled so that they are randomly
(a) Immediately prior to the start of play;
(b) When the cut card is exposed or drawn as the
first card of a new round;
(c) At the completion of the round of play in which
the cutting card is exposed;
(d) Immediately if, in the opinion of a Pit Boss (or
above), the cards are dealt in a sequence which
is abnormal.

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One would think that a series of consecutive straight flushes flowing out of a shoe game would get the dealer's and floor's attention - before $1.5M just flew out of a single table's chip rack!
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Quote: 24Bingo

However, at a $100 table, they were probably worried the other players would see you as a flea.

Could well be. I have a superstition where I don't like to leave a table unless I won money on the last hand. If I really have to leave the table in the middle of a losing streak, I'll bet Player and Banker at the same time so that the worst thing that will happen is they push. Never had it questioned.

How much did you owe in commissions at the time?

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