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The local casino I frequent has pretty generous free play promos, allowing me to have at least a weekly AP on 8/5 Bonus Poker. I just saw a new promotion they have where I need to get one tier point on their online casino and 1 tier point at the B&M casino and I will receive $40 in free play, this is a monthly promo that is scheduled to run the rest of the year. The only online gambling that's legal in my state is sports betting. I am thinking of taking the best money line bet on baseball for now, and then NFL in the fall to earn the 1 tier credit I need. For example, I can bet the money line on the Orioles at -205 over the Guardians, right now. I don't care how much I win, I want to minimize losses. Thoughts?
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Get another companies app, hedge, lose min Theo guaranteed
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