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Barry Meadow is one of the most respected handicappers and authors on the racing scene

really great (IMO) archived blog from Barry Meadow re Tim Haley

much of Tim's big buckeroonis came from rebates

not part of any team, in 2002 he pushed thru more than $24 million into the various pools

had only a 0.95% R.O.I. against the takeout - that's not counting rebates

amazing - to me, anyway - if it hadn't come from Barry I don't think I would have believed it

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And his book Blackjack Autumn is really great too, if you can find it.
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Quote: teddys

And his book Blackjack Autumn is really great too, if you can find it.
link to original post

I don't recall him talking about his horse betting in the book, although it was at least ten years since I read it. Several people raved about that book, including Anthony Curtis, but it didn't thrill me. In fact, it discouraged me from doing a similar trip that I'd contemplated.
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That book is one of the best in my personal opinion

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