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November 5th, 2019 at 7:41:37 AM permalink
Quote: billryan

In September of 69, the Cubs came to Shea to play the surging Miracle Mets and a similar incident occurred. Midgame, a black cat ran across the field and by the Cubs dugout. Mets swept the series, soon went past the Cubs into first place and won in baseball lore.

Thank's for reminding me! (I did get mt cat back, by the way!)
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Reading comprehension seems to be on a decline, 7craps. Just a heads-up.

That's what the phrase "heading into this week" means. If you deduct the 0-12 ATS from the 75-58-2 ATS, you get 75-46-2, which is roughly the same as what I reported, international games aside.

I know, math, reading -- it's all too much. Best to correct the dude who posted without actually reading carefully, or at all.

And this is why I do not post. Mensans who can't read or add. Life's a bitch.

I'm 62, last I checked. Not shooting for idiot status until I'm in the ground.
"You can't breathe dead hippo waking, sleeping, and eating, and at the same time keep your precarious grip on existence."
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Quote: redietz

This week, the home teams went 12-0 ATS, also unprecedented.

(never done or known before.)
does that mean it never happened before? going 12-0 in one week

try this

home teams 14-0 record

14-0 and 12-0 are not the same

why all this JUNK? (my 4 letter word for the month)
(TRASH does not equal JUNK)
Quote: redietz

People, in general, are just idiots.

why call people IDIOTS

are all IDIOTS created equally?
I thought so
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