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(i) What is the 'average' line change for an nba game from opening line to closing line for:

(a) Spreads and

(b) Totals

(ii) If you can answer the first part, then what would a 'fair' price for a game be if you could find a bookie that bet you the 'opening line'and then gave you a 'closing line guarantee'***

*** in the above question 'closing line guarantee' means,if you took Team A @ +1.5, and then the Sports-book closing line went to +3.0, your bet will be on @ the closing line of +3.0, but if it went the other way (say to -3.0) you get to keep the '+1.5'

ps I (or anyone) could probably work out the answer to question (ii), if they just answered the first part for me

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