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Totals and lines on early games are almost always based on the performance of teams' last season which makes sense; what else could it be based on? But in a new season it's almost a sure thing that many teams will not have records similar to last year's. Which ones is the tough thing to say. I believe one of the very good bets in very early games is against last season's Superbowl winner and loser as I believe the bettors love to bet on these teams and the books know they are willing to give up too many points to do so.
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Quote: DrawingDead

As of yesterday morning, Green Bay @Westgate was: 10.5 regular season wins, ov -140, un +120 ...<SNIP>...

Meanwhile, the books in the Boyd properties have Green Bay at 11 wins, ov -110, un -120
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Thanks. I saw a lot (including my local) that were continuing to up the juice on 10.5, at one point it got to -175 over 10.5

Can anyone give me a quick itinerary of all the different books that have win totals, and what their max usually is (if you know offhand)?

I want to plan how I'll move around on Friday there, the heat is gonna be crazy, never been there when it's 100, let alone 110 degrees.



I just saw this

GB o10.5 still -165
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Thanks for this post from:
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Quote: TomG

Lots of value on these ones:

Went 6-2 on the plays that looked the strongest

Quote: TomG

Some other good ones:

And 8-5 on the ones that looked ok.

Not too bad overall
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Nice result, well done.

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