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I'm thinking of a staking strategy and don't know if it has a name. Maybe it doesn't and I just made it up, but regardless it's worth having a discussion about. A handicapper can hit 55% winning percentage over the long run and starts with $1000. Regardless of how many bets he makes per day, he stakes the whole bankroll, but splits the $1000 evenly through all bets. For example, he bets 6 bets on his first day, so each bet would be $166 (1000/6=166.67). He goes 3-3. Staking 166 wins 151 at -110 odds. So he would be $-45 after day 1. So now he is left with $955 to bet with on day 2. He would then take however many bets he is going to make and split them evenly using $955. It's kind of like proportional betting or kelly betting, but you're just making your staking percentages very high. Does this type of system have a name? Would it be profitable at 55%?
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That's not really a system, it's just betting your whole bankroll. Whether it's profitable at 55% win rate depends on the vigorish. If you're betting 110 to win 100 55% of the time and losing the 110 the other 45% of the time, you have a 5% edge. That assumes no ties or any other outcomes.
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More interested in how the handicapper can hit 55% constantly.
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well if they are guaranteed to hit 55% every day then they should mortgage their house and get as much money together as possible if they are all -110 or better.

Why would someone risk their entire bankroll in 1 day? What about when they go 0-6 or 1-5. Sure there will be days when they are 6-0 but those bad days wipe you out.
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