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just letting you know that you can get about -143.3 for the Suns (tonights game)

sportsbook: www.5dimes.eu

'location on site': Sportsbook > Pre-Match Betting Plus > Basketball ... (should be able to work out where to go from there) > then scroll about 2/3 of the way down the page till you get to the 'game winner + total' selection of bets.

Bet (1): Game Winner + Total (Includes Overtime) (205.5): +283 (Phoenix Suns and Over 205.5)

Bet (2): Game Winner + Total (Includes Overtime) (209.5): +205 (Phoenix Suns and Under 209.5)

Equivalent Price (combined price): $1.6978... (-143.28...)

Comparison: The Suns are $1.588 (-170) and the Bucks are $2.65 (+165) at the same sportsbook (in a different section)

NB: This post did not work out or take into account the additional advantage of having 4 points between the over and the under (in your favour), in other words the chance of 'middling' the bet

Also, I have no opinion of the game, but the bet seems like a really good one...

Lastly, these prices were correct as of today 1140 am PST

Edit: Today @ 1155 am PST

There is now a new option of 'Game Winner + Total (Includes Overtime)' (210.5)

Phoenix Suns and Under (210.5) is @ +197

so will leave it upto you to work out which is the 'better value' bet for the under

Edit: Today @ 1205 pm PST

If you are a pure theoretical EV*** punter then the best bet (from that point of view) is, to take the Suns and the over 205.5, @ +283

For calculations: the total is about 4.5 points in your favour, and the current spread is about -4.5 (for the Suns)

For this bet the EV*** is about: + 49.867...%

***: See Tables, "Money Lines" and "Buying/Selling Extra Points on the Total" in the link below


(I originally had a better explanation etc for this edit, but i must have clicked cancel instead of post, lol)

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