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November 6th, 2021 at 2:07:33 AM permalink
I'm more of a raise my bet when I'm ahead type of player. So if I'm ahead 20 spins, I'll double my bet; if I fall back below 20 spins ahead, I'll back down to the base bet. If I get to 60 spins ahead, I'll triple my bet, and if I fall to under 60 spins ahead, I'll fall back to double my bet.
That used to work for me back in the mid-'90's when brand new machines were brought in that had all these Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, & Tens on the reels, but within a month the machines got so tight they became unplayable. Makes me think they downgraded the payback from 97% to 86%.
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May 14th, 2022 at 2:48:18 PM permalink
Quote: ChumpChange

I think you've got to figure out what the jackpot reset values are and how much they increase when you play a bank of these machines alone. You could watch other people play to get the reset value, but play in the middle of the night when it's deserted to figure out how your bets affect raising the jackpot amounts. If you play 18 coins, does only the Mini Jackpot advance and not the others? If you play 38 coins, does only the Mini & Minor Jackpot advance, and does it do so at half the rate of playing 18 coins since you're splitting you're coin-in on two jackpots, or does the increase in the coin-in allow for both jackpots to advance normally? If you play 68 coins, does the extra 30 coins get eaten up by the Major Jackpot advancement? If you play 88 coins, does the Grand Prize jackpot advance more slowly than the Major Jackpot?

As far as denomination, if you have the following as reset points (not saying they are):
1 cent: 88 coins = 88 cents
Mini: $10.00 (1,000 coins)
Minor: $50.00 (5,000 coins)
Major: $500.00 (50,000 coins)
Grand: $10,000.00 (1 million coins)

5 cent: 88 coins = $4.40
Mini: $50
Minor: $250
Major: $2,500
Grand: $50,000

25 cent: 88 coins = $22.00
Mini: $250
Minor: $1250
Major: $12,500
Grand: $250,000

I can't imagine this would go higher to the $1 denomination in the high limit room with a Grand Jackpot of $1 million.

What are the break-even points on jackpots that you would play?
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Does the slot machine use the same algorithm when you play by 1 Cent

or By 5 Cent

Or does it changes based on the denomination?

I was wondering in the slot machine multi denomination games the reel / random number generated is the same but the pay changes with the denomination ???

Like If the user selects 1Cent 88 cents bet

if a win is generated then win multiplied by 88 cents

Like If the user selects 5Cent $4.40 bet

if a win is generated then win multiplied by $4.40

Or does it have different algorithms for each denomination ie that is in order to take some cut and give back the player some amount?

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