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Quote: DRich

Axel, what was the first slot machine that you AP'd? Mine was Flush Attack and I had never heard of AP'ing machines at that time.

I never even heard of the term AP until this forum. We just used the term Pros or Team Players.

The first thing I took advantage of was actually before I was even 21. When you rented videos at Video Time they let you spin an electric wheel that gave you prizes and discounts. One of those prizes was a coupon for $10 in free .25 tokens at the Four Queens. You took the coupon to the promotions desk and they handed you the coins, no questions asked.

The coins only worked on a few Banks of JOB video poker where retrofitted some contraption onto the coin acceptor.

That prize seemed to come up 1 in 4 times. My brother and 3 of my friends worked there( My brother was the only one that was 21 at the time) so I had access to a moderate supply of coupons for free(I might kick them over a few bucks once in a while). At first, the Four Queens seemed to accept up to 3 or 4 at a time, eventually, they limited it to one at a time, so I just went on different shifts and recruited a friend to help me. At some point, they started to ask for ID and entered your name into a computer. At that point, since they were asking for ID, and I wasn't 21, I would just hang outside and ask people passing by(people who seemed cool) if they would get the tokens for me in exchange I would pay them $2. I didn't get rich doing this, but it added extra income to my low-paying job.

Flush Attack came a few years after that. I tried a few +EV Nickle progressives, but I didn't have the money for progressives.

But, It was a Flush Attack that really opened my eyes. That made me realize I could quit my job and focus on that, along with other AP'able things full time, and without the need for a bankroll of more than a few hundred bucks. Going from $8 an hour to $30-$50 an hour practically overnight in the 90s was a significant life-changing event(THANK YOU SIGMA!!!!).

Not sure if you remember similar games by Sigma such as Max Attack and House a Rockin?

FYI Flush Attack was overall the most enjoyable fun thing I have ever played to this day.
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That sounds like an incredibly fun exploit in their system for a while until they asked for ID.

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