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"Gaming system and method for permanently increasing the average expected payback percentage of a game for a player"


This kind of goes with that I think that the casino is actually giving you wins but on a periodic basis.

Im sorry I post random stuff like this, but I have always had a thought about "random" and that thought is that for every player, at every gaming machine, if it were random, the gaming industry wants every person to have to go through all possible combinations of what random entails. So if there are a billion possible combinations in a game, for every player, the players must all go through the billion combinations that are within that game before they have another shot at going to the next set of possibilities. I think i have found a patent which states this exact logic, but in a more succinct way.

"In certain embodiments, for a given player and a given game, the gaming system maintains separate point balances for the player for the game in association with each electronic gaming machine (EGM) (described in detail below) on which the player plays the game. For instance, the gaming system maintains a first point balance for the player for all instances of the game played on a first EGM and a second separate point balance for the player for all instances of the game played on a second different EGM. Thus, in these embodiments, the features (and, in certain instances, the average expected payback percentage) of the game may differ for the player depending on at which EGM the player plays the game."
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This would require that the EGM can identify the player. This of course is entirely possible with facial recognition technology or beacons (which captures a phone's unique fingerprint and pinpoints the player in a two-dimensional space). Question is .... is this happening?

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I can tell you that in Nevada it would not be allowed if the gaming machine changes the percentages of return based on the player. A player can be rewarded with extra marketing and promo funds but not issued by the gaming device, The player tracking system could be used to give extra free play or points based on the patron.
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